New advice for employers on involving workers in health and safety management

Employers intent on involving workers in health and safety management can now
access a dedicated website featuring new resources, including website tools to
advise and help them with this.

The package has case studies illustrating the approach and successes of a range
of businesses and organisations such as:

The Sky Forum at BSkyB, a company-wide mechanism for managers and worker
representatives elected by their colleagues to meet and discuss issues
including health and safety. The Forum is supported by a range of systems for
Sky's 11,000 workers to raise concerns through their representatives;

SELEX Sensors and Airborne Systems, whose 4,500 staff are actively involved in
health and safety in a variety of ways, such as near-miss reporting and safety
investigation forms, underpinned by training and awareness raising;

Geocel, a leading sealant and adhesive supplier with 85 staff based in
Plymouth, the company's successful health and safety management is based on
involving workers, a policy that has seen its business performance transformed
and a 4-year record of production without a lost-time injury;

The National Probation Service has made significant achievements in health and
safety since 2002, when it introduced a worker involvement scheme to improve
partnership working. Workers are involved through a National Health and Safety
Forum, with the active participation of trade union safety representatives, and
working groups set up to deliver the Directorate's health and safety strategy.

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