International Medical Group B.V.

New generation protective suits!

The AstroProtect is a new disposable protective full suit, which protects against biological & chemical agents, and radioactive solid particles. It is a one-piece suit, composed of an integrated head part with visor, integrated gloves and socks. Due to its construction the suit is very easy to put on, without ample actions.
The Astroprotect is made of high quality DuPont Tychem C or F material. It should be used with a power assisted filtering device system, through which a slight overpressure occurs in the whole suit, which provides personal comfort and safety.
Suited for unsanitary situations, where full protection is needed.
AstroProtect is tested and manufactured in conformity with the European directive 89/686/EEG Personal Protective Equipment, category III.
The protective suit is developed in cooperation with doctors, nurses and safety-experts.