New guidance on Whole Body Vibration published

The British HSE has published a new guide, Whole Body Vibration (WVB): The
Control of Vibration at Work. The publication is described as a 'detailed,
plain language guide of the regulations as they apply to whole-body vibration',
it advises employers on ways to reduce and control the risks from Whole Body
Vibration under the Control of Vibration Work Act 2005 which is now in force in
the UK.

Practical advice is given on:

  • how to do risk assessments;
  • estimating vibration exposure; and
  • arranging health surveillance.

Regular long term exposure to Whole Body Vibration is associated with back pain
alongside other factors such as poor posture and heavy lifting. Look out for
Whole Body Vibration risks where any commercial/industrial/construction
vehicles are driven regularly for most of the day. A typical group of workers
at risk are operators of off-road machinery and construction vehicles, indeed
any industries where drivers can be exposed to shocks and jolts while
travelling over rough ground, like mining and quarrying.

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