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New products added to the Respirex range

Respirex - MD3

The MD3 is a convenient pack of lightweight clothing for casualties to wear following decontamination. The MD2 is a convenient pack that allows casualties to disrobe in a discrete manner. The new swivel allows long lengths of airline hose to swivel thus avoiding coiling and snagging. Suitable for use with all Respirex hose lines.

The MD3 is a self-contained pack of various items of modesty clothing, some of which are intended to give the wearer a degree of protection against foul weather.

The clothing is intended for use after casualties have set aside their own garments and personal effects and have been decontaminated in a drench shower following a terrorist attack involving chemical agents.

The contents of the packs can be varied to suit any requirements expected by contingency planners.

The packs are available in a range of clothing sizes.