New website to guide office in small businesses through environmental regulations

The British NetRegs web site is designed to help businesses to understand the
complex regulations affecting their environmental obligations. It is designed
particularly for small businesses, and contains both mandatory measures
required by the law, and good practice measures to help look after your

Recently a section for Office Businesses has been added.

The guidelines cover the common environmental impacts of a typical office. The
types of activity undertaken as part of managing an office include:

  • purchasing office equipment and supplies;
  • waste disposal;
  • heating and lighting;
  • water supply;
  • catering;
  • cleaning; and
  • maintaining the building, any landscaping around it and car parking.

This guidance is aimed at helping anyone working in an office to ensure legal
compliance with environmental regulations, reduce their impact on the
environment and save money by improving the use of office resources.

The guidance has been subdivided into the following areas:

  • Resource Management (Waste, Energy and Water)
  • Storage and Handling of Materials

Good practice guidance is also provided for the following areas:

  • Green Transport
  • Green Purchasing
  • Environmental Reporting

Furthermore there is information on Environmental "Management Systems" and
"Activities Associated with Office Management". For example if you have an on
site canteen there is a link to see the relevant guidance for restaurants (food
storage/preparation). Or if the sewage is treated in an on-site sewage
treatment plant, such as a septic tank, there are links to guidelines on using
and maintaining it, like Installation and Maintenance of Cesspools, Septic
Tanks and Package Treatment Plants.

Further Information

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