New workplace exposure limits

The British HSC is consulting on proposals for new and revised workplace
exposure limits and has published a Consultation Document seeking comments on
the proposals. These Workplace Exposure Limits (WELs) are concentrations of
hazardous substances in the air which are not to be exceeded in order to
protect the health of workers.

The proposals implement the 2nd Directive on Indicative Occupational Exposure
Limit Values (IOELVs) (2006/15/EC), which lists 33 substances with exposure
limits for which Member States must introduce a domestic occupational exposure
limit by September 2007. For many of these substances, a comparable Workplace
Exposure Limit (WEL) already exists in Great Britain.

It is proposed to introduce WELs for 7 substances where one does not currently
exist and reduce the limit of the WELs for 13 substances for introduction on
6th April 2007.

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