"Lindgesfeld 28 in Solingen-Gräfrath": Safe cutting now has a new address. After a construction period of around 18 months, MARTOR, the Solingen-based family business, market leader and specialist for high-quality safety knives, has relocated into its new headquarters.
According to Managing Director and co-owner Jan Hendricks, the new buildings are "an investment in a successful future for MARTOR and a commitment to Solingen as a location". Such a commitment is primarily down to tradition. "My wife is from Solingen and feels connected to the city, and the company is also rooted here". For these reasons, it was decided to remain in Solingen and not to relocate to a neighbouring city, "even when there were economic and planning reasons to do so", continued Jan Hendricks.

The official inauguration took place at the new company premises in a mood of family celebration. All MARTOR employees and their relatives were invited, as well as all those who, says Jan Hendricks, "have actively and positively contributed to the success of the new building project".

The new company headquarters project involved the construction of a new administration block and an innovative production building. Both are connected via a bridge to the old premises at Heider Hof 60, which is still in use. The previous administration and production sites had reached their capacity due to the company's ongoing growth and the steady increase in demand for safety knives. "It wasn't just about space but far more about having more effective production processes, an even more modern working environment for employees, and a high quality place for our customers to visit.  This has been optimally achieved by all those involved in the construction", continues Jan Hendricks.

The administration building features spacious, bright and very well equipped office and conference rooms. An "ideas workshop" provides space for creative meetings, and for short and longer breaks there are tea bars, lounge areas and a sun terrace higher up in the building. The interior design not only creates a pleasant working atmosphere, it also makes customers feel at home when they visit MARTOR. Artfully installed "industrial references" on all three floors contribute greatly to the building’s mood. The high, open ceilings, exposed concrete, large transparent glass surfaces and shiny metal shafts are just some of the features that are also found in industrial halls, logistics centres etc., that is, those places where MARTOR safety knives are usually being used.

A noticeable change has also taken place within MARTOR production. The new, clearly structured production building is equipped with new workplaces where MARTOR safety knives undergo careful assembly. New warehouse and logistics processes and mechanisation and digitalisation systems are further features of the innovative production area.

After relaunching the MARTOR brand a few years ago, the company has now also undergone geographical repositioning. But one work-in-progress remains: completion of a new showroom as a special customer service for holding external training courses and other brand events still needs time. "We are a small family-run company which strives daily to keep making progress. So there's no standing still here", says Managing Director Jan Hendricks with a smile.

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