Sicurpal S.r.l.

Alurail L rigid rail lifeline

“Lifelines are not all the same: attention to small details creates a simple and quality product.”

Sicurpal srl, manufacturer of lifelines, has designed a new rail fall arrest system that complies with and is certified according to UNI EN 795:2012, CEN/TS 16415:2013 Type D and UNI 11578:2015 to ensure minimum visual impact and maximum safety.

In the last year, the effectiveness of the system and the high demand have led to the refinement of the Alurail L rigid rail, with the creation of additional accessories for easy installation and maintenance.

Alurail L is designed to increase the ease of use by the operator thanks to the absence of obstacles to be bypassed. Extremely practical thanks to the high smoothness of use and above all safe: it is a more rigid system than a traditional lifeline and allows work in restraint and rope.

The particular conformation of the rail, in compliance with the movement of the trolley, minimizes the pendulum effect in case of fall: indeed, the Alurail L rail trolley ensures perfect vertical alignment during each movement of the operator.

The rail, made of anodized 6060 T6 aluminum, allows to create rigid lifelines with lengths ranging from 2 to 150 m. The optimized shape has been studied and designed to ensure maximum smoothness and high performance on the floor, wall, ceiling and to create spans up to 6 m long. It also guarantees the simultaneous use of up to 4 operators.

The innovative trolley is designed to work at all angles. Its 6060 T6 aluminum body is composed of 6 radial ball bearings and 6 sliding wheels coated in 316 stainless steels: the presence of brass material acts as additional protection against dirt and dust. The upper anchorage of the trolley allows a working angle of 180° on the axis perpendicular to the rail.

Where can it be used?
Thanks to its conformation and functionality, it is possible to apply the Alurail L rail with fixed and self-supporting portals and in conjunction with retractor recovery systems. The creation of accessories capable of cleaning and eliminating any incrustations or ice when the trolley passes, means that the track itself does not require extraordinary maintenance.

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