Base Protection S.r.l. Unipersonale


Innovation is the cardinal principle of Base Protection. The R&D dept. reaches a further step in the technology applied to the safety sector. 

In a world ‘always on’, digital applications and solutions are going to change how PPE understand, develop and anticipate customer needs. 

The choice of shoes is fundamental to work in the best condition according to the field in which you operate and according to your feet. Base Protection has been introducing a new technology, supporting and evolving the core business: the Scan & Fit project, a solution at your fingertips, enabling workers to have a wearable technology.

It represents a new terrain to explore, aiming to join their traditional product on a new context, launching a new method for coming to strategic purchase within a new phygital environment.

Pursuing the mission of Base, “feel the comfort”, it enhances the offer of comfort for its targets using an app, through the choice of the safety shoe and subsequently of the insole. 

The Scan & Fit app allows you to scan and provide foot ‘identity card’, suggesting which shoe, which size and which insole perfectly matches your foot, giving a tailored solution for your needs.

Base Protection has been designed 3 families of insoles according to line products; for every line 3 different models with 3 kinds of arch support (high; medium; low). 

The insoles studied will respect the quality standards and will keep the certifications guaranteed by safety shoes.

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