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BIM model

Sicurpal, manufacturer of lifelines and fall arrest systems, is the first in its sector to introduce BIM models of its products, complete with all the information necessary for proper design.

What is a BIM?

BIM (Building Information Modeling) is a process of creating 3D virtual models containing intelligent data. This technology allows to design buildings and infrastructure with a variety of information that is important for project development.

The building created with a BIM process thus contains a diverse set of information of various nature (such as physical, mechanical, environmental, financial, etc.) that allow to efficiently manage the entire life cycle of the building. This information can be easily converted to obtain documentation useful for its purpose, such as site drawings, installation methods, technical specifications, energy assessments, construction costs and maintenance procedures.

A BIM model is not limited to a simple visual representation; it contains a library of useful information, making it an indispensable efficiency tool for industry professionals.

The BIM refers to the technical standards UNI EN ISO 19650, which internationally concerns the organization and digitization of information on construction and civil engineering works.

Sicurpal and BIM

Sicurpal has introduced in its offer of services this novelty, making available the BIM models of its products, thus offering the possibility to use them by downloading them directly from the site.

With a few clicks, in the downloaded file there is the 3D model in IFC international standard format, compatible with the most popular BIM software.

Initially thought for the Basic Line lifeline, the goal will be to expand the BIM library of Sicurpal to provide all the information necessary for a correct design.

For more information, you can visit www.sicurpal.it/en or contact directly the qualified staff by email at info@sicurpal.it.

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