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Catalogue of height falling prevention equipment and equipment for work at height

Dear Customers,
it is a great pleasure for us to deliver to you our new catalogue of height falling prevention equipment and equipment for work at height by ASSECURO.

Our new catalogue brings an answer to the ongoing technical development and growing expectations of our customers, who require the OHS equipment not only to be safe, but also user friendly, lightweight and contemporary in terms of design.

Besides known and trusted products, the catalogue also contains around a dozen brand new designs, which increase safety at new workstations. All our new products are insightful, tested and optimized solutions, in which we have successfully managed to balance ergonomics, durability, low weight and attractive price. We wish to draw your attention to the following modernization that we done in our equipment:
  • since Janyary 2018 our goods have longer - 10 years life time,
  • safety harnesses are equipped with impact indicators to help you in ongoing equipment control and assessing whether they have been subjected to too much load,
  • we used new webbing colors in the products.
With our slogan SAFELY UP, we commit ourselves to constant searching for solutions which make work at height safe. Our operations include state-of-the-art, while at the same time generally available IT solutions.
The effect of our works:
  • equipment electronic identification and supervision system ASSpect, which uses three cooperating and integrated components: NFC tags, smartphone app and database on www.asspect.pl to help you to help you identify your equipment, increase the labelling durability, automatically remind you about inspections and generate summary reports in order to reduce the necessary paperwork;
  • fall alarm application FRIEND which will send a message to a selected mobile phone in case a single worker falls.
In addition, we have enriched our offer with:
  • energy absorber with two elastic webbings ABW2LBE, which, owing to self-shortening, reduce the risk of tangling,
  • shock absorber with two lanyards ABW2L Q Click-it straps, providing the user with continuity belaying thanks to the mechanism forcing the attachment of at least one snap hook,
  • retractable type fall arrester MINIBLOK with 2 m webbing, which outperforms energy absorbers with lanyard, as it is able not only to operate at fall factor 2, but it automatically shortens the lanyard when falling, thus reducing the impact force,
  • rope safety system SKC EVO, in which the safety runner has been extended with the integrated energy absorber and protection against incorrect installation on the rope,
  • rail safety system TAURUS, which can be freely modelled along the whole passageway to adjust it to the building block ,
  • safety crane to protect against falling from height, e.g. when servicing large vehicles, construction machines, excavators, etc.,
  • crane for work using rope access techniques,
  • permanent and free-standing safety barriers for protection of flat and inclined roof edges.
The catalogue also includes information about our services: OHS trainings and courses regarding work at height using normal and rope access techniques, equipment inspections and service, permanent safety system installation, OHS and industrial rescue organization consulting. Our company's operations are based on the ISO 9001 Quality Management system. Certificate issued by Det Norske Veritas Germanischer Lloyd has confirmed the quality of our work for over seventeen years.

Please visit our website www.assecuro.pl, which contains detailed information. Log in to our Internet store to get access to special prices.

We look forward to working with you!

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