PGI, Inc.

Cobra BarriAire Gold Particulate Blocking Hoods

Experience the Only Particulate Barrier Hood That Feels Barrier‑less
Can less really be more? Only if it’s a COBRA™ BarriAire™ Gold Hood. Fact is, in wear trials firefighters found the weight, breathability and feel comparable to that of a traditional hood. Additionally, BarriAire Gold Hoods are not loud like PTFE laminated hoods, which can adversely affect a firefighter’s ability to communicate and situational awareness. And, BarriAire Gold Hoods offer more protection from harmful particles and contaminants in the areas that pose greatest risk of exposure. BarriAire Gold Hoods combine an outer layer of PGI proprietary gold FR fabric and an inner layer of ultra‑lightweight, DuPont™ Nomex®Nano Flex fabric, which can inhibit penetration of many small size harmful particles. BarriAire Gold Hoods combine superior comfort, increased protection and maximum durability. Your fire hood is an investment in your health and safety — go for the gold, BarriAire Gold Hoods only from PGI.

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