Multitone Elektronik International GmbH

Cooperation with Hottinger Baldwin Messtechnik GmbH in the planning and installation of an EkoSecure® personal emergency signal system (PNA)

Multiton Elektronik GmbH has planned and implemented a comprehensive EkoSecure® personal emergency signal system (PNA) to safeguard lone workers at the Darmstadt headquarter of Hottinger Baldwin Messtechnik GmbH (HBM).

Since 1950, HBM has been the market leader for precise and reliable measurement products. Measurement data from HBM is an important guide for tens of thousands of users worldwide in all phases of the product life cycle: design, development, production and maintenance.

With subsidiaries in 30 countries, HBM provides its customers worldwide with results you can trust.

The scope of the personal emergency signal system (PNA) now implemented at the Darmstadt headquarters covers all stand-alone workstations in the areas of production, test engineering, test laboratories and water treatment. Employees are equipped with a total of 14 handy, user-friendly mobile messengers (PNG), so that in an emergency, help can be directed to the scene of the incident immediately and in a targeted manner. Depending on the need, a willing or unwilling alarm is triggered. The alarm as well as the position of the employee is transmitted to the PNG of the colleagues or the personal emergency signal receiving centre (PNEZ) at the gate with area accuracy and within seconds. The entire radio network is highly reliable and has been implemented without complex cabling. EkoSecure® is certified by the DGUV according to DIN VDE V 0825-1.

"Hottinger Baldwin Messtechnik relies on an up-to-date and effective quality management system to manufacture its products. A key element of this QM system is the safety of employees in the various production areas and offices throughout the HBM premises in Darmstadt. The personal emergency signal system from Multitone is an important part of our safety concept," explains Thomas Bach, Team Leader of the Torque Department.

"We are pleased about the good cooperation with Hottinger Baldwin Messtechnik GmbH," explains Frank Rotthoff, Managing Director of Multiton Elektronik GmbH, and adds: "With EkoSecure® we have been able to implement the latest technology for in-house occupational safety at stand-alone workstations. The wireless networking of the components means that there is no need for cost-intensive cabling. This means that the system can be installed in a very short time and without great expense, and can also be expanded in the future if required. A modern solution for the future," Rotthoff continues.

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