Multitone Elektronik International GmbH

Cooperation with the Protestant Hospital Bethel in the planning and installation of the radio nurse call solution EkoCare®

For more than 25 years MULTITONE has been supporting the Protestant Hospital Bethel in an advisory and executive capacity with their requirements in the field of time-critical message transmission and alerting. As early as 1994, a "paging system" developed by MULTITONE with its own self-sufficient radio network was set up at the Bethel Protestant Hospital.

Even by today's standards, the reliability of such systems is largely unrivalled. In the past as well as today, they have helped in sub-areas with the time-critical message transmission of persons or entire groups  "Emergency, urgently report to department C2".

Furthermore, since 2011, the clinic has additionally relied on the EkoTek® personal security system developed and patented by MULTITONE in various security-relevant areas, as well as the EkoCare® wireless nurse call system since 2019. Here, employees are equipped with handy and user-friendly mobile messengers so that in an emergency, help can be directed to the scene of the incident immediately and in a targeted manner. In addition, a willful or non-willful alarm can be triggered if necessary. In this case, the alarm as well as the position of the employee is transmitted to the messenger of the colleagues or to a central office with area accuracy and within seconds.

With the innovative EkoCare® radio nurse call system from MULTITONE, a concept has now been implemented at Johannesstift which, in addition to equipping the rooms and bathrooms with clear wall call, bathroom modules and room corridor lights, also includes mobile and user-friendly hand-held transmitters for the nursing staff. This allows both assistance and emergency calls to be sent in seconds from any location within the radio network to colleagues in the home or the care staff room. The exact location of the person calling for help is transmitted with each call, thus enabling immediate and targeted deployment of nursing staff.

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