DESMA Schuhmaschinen GmbH

DESMA will showcase numerous innovative technologies at the A+A

Demand for safety footwear is growing – and as market and technology leader for direct soling, DESMA has responded to that challenge and will showcase numerous innovative technologies at the A+A:

Multi Section Injection (MSI): material injections into various sections of the sole can achieve different properties, such as hardness, providing optimum comfort, energy absorption and stability for the wearer.

Centre Wedge & DESwing: two new processes to enlarge the design options and/or range of features for multi-coloured soles. These new methods are achieved in a combination of mouldmaking and machine control, delivering a wide range of benefits for the customer.

In-Mould Labelling: integrated plastic sheeting or textiles create new product varieties for the outer soles, giving the shoe an unlimited choice of colours.

“Design for Manufacturing”: DESMA mouldmaking specialises in developing production solutions to match your product ideas.  

Exhibitor Data Sheet