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EkoMS - The innovative management and logging software

The innovative management and logging software EkoMS for EkoFamily personal security, emergency signal and nurse call systems, receives additional features and an optimized user interface in the latest version.

Thus EkoMS in the new version 1.0.7 has now additionally a functionality for the display of notifications on computers/PCs integrated in networks.

In addition to the typical alarm messages on messengers, pagers, DECT phones or via app on smartphones, it is now also possible to display alarm messages on the PC at the workplace of defined users. A small additional program is installed on the respective computers that starts automatically each time a user logs on. In case of an alarm, a notification field is displayed on the PC screen. In addition, an acoustic signal tone draws attention to the pop-up window of the new alarm message.

To ensure attention and security in any case, the notification field is only closed again when the user has consciously acknowledged the alarm message. The notification function is activated via user licenses. In this way, the costs of the software can be controlled on a user-specific basis.

In addition, authorizations can be stored in the configuration in order to display different messages and alarm types for dedicated users or groups, e.g. department-, function- or location-related.

During the optimisation of EkoMS, great importance was also attached to intuitive user guidance. The user benefits from this simplification especially when configuring and creating reports to evaluate the call volume.

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