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Climate-neutral cooling clothes for more safety and health - now also with perfect heat protection strategy for working with safety helmet

The new Powercool SX3 BandanaPRO with neck protection in signal color has been specially developed for safe and healthy working outdoors at high temperatures

The new cooling headgear provides a quick and easy climate control under protective helmets while protecting against increasing UV radiation. This significantly reduces the risk of skin cancer, which is already the most common occupational disease in some occupational groups and has continued to increase in recent years.

The high visibility of the warning color in the neck area makes working outdoors safer - and in extreme cases can be life-saving. The neck protector is not removable and thus meets the requirements of the professional associations for eligible cooling headgear.

The PowerSignal vest SX3 with current EN 20471 certification is also available.

Both are funded by the German trade association “BG Bau” with up to 50%.

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