Heskins Limited

Heskins Anti-Slip Tape approved for aviation use!

Approved Anti-Slip Tape for Aircraft
Since 1998, Heskins have been approved and certified to supply anti-slip materials for aircraft interiors. We have anti-slip tapes approved for use inside cockpits, passenger interiors and cargo holds. All relevant materials have been certified by FAA and CAA approved testing laboratories. We hold certification to;

FAR25853 b 5 horizontal burn test.
CAA/FAA specification number 8, vertical test, issue 2.
Cockpit Area
All materials within the cockpit require a guarantee to not hold a flame. Cockpits are usually barren areas with contents being kept to a minimum and one of the reasons for this is to ensure fire risk is virtually non-existent. For non-slip requirements, H3406 conformable is certified for use within the cockpit, as the aluminium backing will not hold a flame.

Rest of the Aircraft
H3401 Safety Grip is approved for use in all other areas of an aircraft. Standard Safety Grip provides exceptional slip protection in all general applications, indoor and outdoor and it is used for slip prevention on aircraft steps and within thresholds and cargo holds.

At no additional cost, we can send Certificates of Conformity on request with every delivery to provide assurance that suppliers to the aviation industry have up to date, accurate docum­en­ta­tion. All anti-slip materials produced by Heskins are produced in either our European or US factories, both of which are approved to ISO9000.

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