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Infinity Line

Type A fixed anchors (EN 795:2012) are punctual anchor devices equipped with one or more fixed points to house the connector, without any sliding of the latter. The use of these devices must be combined with category III PPE that do not develop a reaction force greater than 6 kN.

Over the years, Sicurpal has designed and expanded the INFINITY line, Type A anchors simple and small in size with low visual impact. Usable for fixing on wood, steel, reinforced concrete and masonry with threaded bars, the whole product line is available in stainless steel AISI 304 and 316L, ensuring high functionality and safety.

What does the range include?
In the product category you can find three distinct articles, depending on the size of the anchor hole:

With dimensions 40x97x5 mm, the Infinity allows the anchorage with connector through a 21 mm hole.

With dimensions 64x115x6 mm, the internal anchor hole is 40 mm. This shape has been designed to facilitate its use with larger connectors, such as scaffolding connectors. It complies with the simultaneous use of a maximum of 2 operators according to CEN/TS 16415:2013.

The product Double Infinity, as the name suggests, is different from the others because it has a double wall fastening, for a major security, and double anchorage hole, allowing the use by two people at the same time. The holes have a dimension of 21 mm. It complies with the CEN/TS 16415:2013 standard for the simultaneous use of a maximum of 2 operators.

 All SICURPAL INFINITY, BIG INFINITY and DOUBLE INFINITY devices meet the requirements of UNI EN 363:2008 regarding “Personal fall protection equipment - Personal fall protection systems”. They are suitable for use in various types of individual protection systems, such as restraint, work positioning, fall arrest, rope access and rescue.

Sicurpal has provided the use of Infinity devices in combination with other products in order to ensure maximum effectiveness of installation in various types of support structures, such as corrugated sheets, or with special needs such as the impossibility of drilling the structure.

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