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LEETEK Firefighter Total Monitoring System (FTMS) Adopted by Chungam Fire Dept.

Under the banner for ‘Realizing the Value of Llife,’ Chungnam (Chungchung nam-do Province) Fire Dept. has established the Smart Field Management System in order to analyze and manage the disaster site more efficiently in order for ensuring the safety of firefighters operating at the disaster site.

Utilizing IoT, the Smart Field Management System consists of FTMS, the mass causalty management system and the Mobilized Resource Management System.

FTMS enables the commander to monitor the depatched firefighters real time and instantly share the information on risks on site so that the commander ensures no crew member is left alone in danger.

FTMS PDs (Personal Device) were distributed to each firefighter in 3 Fire Bridages  - Asahn, Dangjin, Cheonan Seobuk - in Chungnam Fire Dept. in February 2019.

Having been used in the 3 fire brigades for about 5 months, FTMS is receiving favorable reviews from firefighters for its unique function and stable performance.

FTMS is to be adopted and operated in the other 13 fire brigades in Chungnam Fire Dept. by next year.

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