Multitone Elektronik International GmbH

Multitone solutions for inclusive workplaces to safeguard hearing impaired people

Especially for hearing-impaired employees, Multitone offers effective messaging solutions for notification in case of danger. Small, handy paging receivers are part of the information chain. The fire alarm system or the building monitoring system is connected to the compact Multitone central system via a contact or a data interface. In the event of an alarm, the alarm message is transmitted within seconds as an individual or group call and is announced by a very loud and long signal tone, a visual signal and additionally by a built-in vibration module. In this way, hearing-impaired employees are reliably informed of a fire or other dangerous situations (two-senses principle) and can quickly leave the building according to defined and tested routine procedures.

These solutions are now used in a wide variety of areas and sectors, e.g. public authorities, vocational training centres, trade and industry. A representative article with video was published on this.

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