Heightec Ltd.

NEW Rope Access Harness Range with Modular Options

heightec’s new range of rope access harnesses have been designed for absolute safety, durability and strength.

The new range of high specification harness options enable you to build the perfect kit to suit you and your work:

APEX  integrated system (H001Q) – the only harness offering an integrated yet replaceable chest ascender:
EXTOL full body quick connect harness, fitted with integral SYNC chest ascender
Close fitting ascender gives a more efficient ascent
Front and rear attachment points
Large waist D-ring for multiple attachments
High lumbar support with shoulder waist and leg padding
AURA  modular system (H002Q) – offers the features and performance of the APEX but in modular form:
CORONA chest harness, ECLIPSE sit harness and integral SYNC chest ascender
Integrated connection for SYNC chest ascender, easy to fit and remove without tools
Lightweight shoulder padding
Large waist D-ring for multiple attachments
Front and rear attachment points
High lumbar support with waist and leg padding
HALO  modular system (H003) – all the features, capabilities and quality of the AURA integrated into a lightweight design:
SOLAR chest harness, SHADOW sit harness and integral SYNC chest ascender
Lightweight shoulder webbing
Front fall arrest attachment point
Integral connection fitted with SYNC chest ascender
Low profile leg and waist padding
All heightec rope access harness are rated to 140kg.

SYNC  – Each harness combination system features our new removable Sync chest ascender which offers the advantages of an integrated ascender but with the flexibility of being removable when required. Features:

Unique design that makes ascending easier and more efficient
secure, stable and comfortable and performs like part of the harness
125kg rated
 X-Cam™ technology
X-Cam™ technology features in all heightec rope access ascenders.

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