SVANTEK Deutschland GmbH Schall- und Schwingungs-Messtechnik

New SV 973 Sound Level Meter & Sound Exposure Meter

SV 973 combines Class 2 sound level meter and sound exposure meter in one device.
The meter has been designed in accordance to IEC 61672 and offers a wide frequency
range up to 10 kHz (in the sound level meter mode).
The unique feature of the SV 973 is the microphone in MEMS technology with a lifetime warranty.
The meter’s measurement range from 35 to 123 dB enables its use in industrial and
environmental noise measurements.
For measurements of noise at work, the dedicated sound exposure meter function
shifts the dynamic measuring range of sound level meter to 141 dB Peak.
The instrument is easily calibrated in the field using an acoustic calibrator as the calibration
begins automatically when the microphone is inserted into the calibrator.
The SV 973 can measure broad-band results with all the necessary weighting filters
as well as 1/1 octave or 1/3 octave band filters. Audio events recording function works
together with sound level meter mode.
The data are stored on built-in 8 GB memory and can be easily downloaded to
a PC using the Supervisor or SVANPC++ software.

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