AMF Lda.


In TOWORKFOR and AMF SAFETY SHOES we believe that being GREEN is more than just a trend or a fashionable way of thinking.

As environmentally conscious footwear brand and producers, we must be a step ahead and take a real GREEN STEP towards climate changes. For that reason, we created the GREEN COLLECTION, the first sustainable safety shoe. A range of shoes made with recycled pet, a biodegradable sole with wood cellulose and rubber, chromeo free and water resistant suede leather, and total recover insole (CO2 Free) with active carbon to reduce odour.

But to have a real GREEN impact we must do more than just making shoes with recycled materials.

So, we become partners of the “LIFE GREENSHOES4ALL”. An European Project which aims to implement and develop an efficient eco-design, recycling and manufacturing solutions in order to achieve a lower Product Environmental Footprint.

GREEN STEP is a brand statement to the market and to all our customers suppliers and competitors. Let’s take this step together.

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