AJ Group Sp. z o.o.

PROS Sustainability

More milestones as the company celebrates its 20th anniversary, AJ Group out of concern for our common planet, implements already actions related to sustainable development and environmental protection.
We have just completed phase I of building our own solar power plant. The investment is divided into four stages, and after its completion, our plant will gain complete energy independence both in terms of power needed for production machines and more efficient and effective functioning of the entire building (production, warehouses, offices). The total capacity of the installed photovoltaic panels will then exceed 200 kW. It is worth noting that the investment is carried out using the company's own funds.
Significant impact on the reduction of electricity consumption has an appropriate, modern machinery park and technological solutions applied in the production process. These include innovative projects implemented by the company:
TRIPLE WELDING - improved PROS electrode bar for welding garments made of Plavitex materials, special grooves milled on the heating edge to increase melting and welding of PVC layers into one mass;
ONE BITE TECHNOLOGY - specially designed heating head with movable electrode parts allowing joining of elements by means of only single welding impulse/movement.
On the one hand, the aforementioned projects significantly shorten the operational time during the production process, and on the other hand, they ensure complete tightness and durability of connections, which is of key importance for maintaining the highest quality of produced clothing.

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