Safeguard Technology, Inc.

Safeguard® Roll-Traction® Anti-Slip Walkway Covers - a flexible Solution to Slips-and-Falls

Create a secure anti-slip area quickly by unrolling Safeguard's Roll-Traction®, a heavy-duty, flexible, polymeric geomembrane on walkways, decks, flooring, and more. High strength and puncture resistant, you can use Roll-Traction for a temporary installation, then roll up for storage. Or use fasteners and adhesives for a more permanent solution.
Made to specification up to 12 meters in length, customers can choose colors, grit size, and messaging such as Watch Your Step.
Roll-Traction is NSF-Approved for use around food and beverage processing and is perfect for stopping slips-and-falls in many types of applications.

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