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Safeguarding of nursing staff and patients at Capio Maria Clinic, Stockholm

Capio Maria Clinic in Stockholm is a specialist clinic for the outpatient and inpatient treatment of drug and alcohol dependent patients. As in all medical facilities, effective and time-critical communication is essential for smooth operations. Due to the potential danger in a facility of this type, it is important to protect caregivers and patients in the best possible way in the event of an emergency.

The requirement

Capio Maria Clinic's existing wired emergency call system had significant limitations in operation, maintenance and expandability. In the event of an alarm, site personnel were notified with voice messages over loudspeakers. A less than discreet and rather disruptive form of notification in the daily routine.

The hospital therefore decided to introduce a modern nurse call and personal security solution. The requirements were discussed with LOTS Security AB, the hospital's supplier of time-critical communication solutions since 1995. After a thorough review of the specifications, LOTS Security AB designed Multitone's EkoTek® nurse call and personal security solution, a wireless radio communication system using multi-channel technology.

The solution

EkoTek® was implemented in seven wards, over four floors for defined areas and teams. The system includes 200 mobile emergency signal transmitters (messengers) and more than 400 radio transmitters (repeaters).

The configuration of the system took into account the requirements of the staff as well as their habit of working with voice alarms. The messengers were programmed in such a way that, in addition to text messages, different sound signals can also be transmitted. These allow immediate classification of requests and responses - from emergency calls to assistance requests, to patient calls.

In addition to locating nursing staff in the event of an emergency call or assistance request, the radio transmitters (repeaters) are also used for the nurse call. This can be triggered by the patients' small handy call FOBs, motion detectors, door alarms or other connected devices.

The result

The radio-based EkoTek® system offers caregivers and patients much more mobility while providing the security of being able to call for help immediately and in a targeted manner. In addition, the installation and maintenance of the system is much less time-consuming and disruptive to the day-to-day running of the hospital than a wired solution.

The new emergency signaling devices enable the nursing staff to identify the type and priority of the message by means of the sound signal without having to look at the display. This is particularly useful when responding to emergency calls from care staff in difficult or dangerous situations.

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