Hymer-Leichtmetallbau GmbH & Co. KG

Safely up and down again

"Step instead of rung" has been the motto since the new statutes for operational safety (TRBS 2121-2) took effect in 2018. Hymer Leichtmetallbau GmbH & Co. KG provides information on the resulting changes for the world of work and what should be observed in principle in a current white paper available for free download.

Sad but true: ladder accidents still occupy a top position in German accident statistics: According to a survey by the German Social Accident Insurance (DGUV), there were 39,654 reportable fall accidents at height in 2019 - of which almost a third of the accident victims fell from ladders or steps.

Nevertheless, entire sectors of the economy are still dependent on the daily use of ladders. The expanded Technical Rules for Industrial Safety (TRBS) 2121 are intended to help make working at heights safer, in order to prevent terrible accidents with all their consequences.

However, the new requirements often raise questions in practice and cause uncertainty on both the employer's and the user's side.

In principle, it is a case of steps instead of rungs and both the duration and height of the work determine the choice of work equipment.

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