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The Backapp Smart chair and Backapp 360 balance board are based on unique patented technology. The soft 360 degree movement combined with the upright sitting posture ensures a healthy workday way beyond the normal.

The health effects are tested by the top scientist and published in well known scientific journals (https://backapp.eu/en/effects/studies/no-more-back-pain/)

During 2018 and 2019 354 office workers left their ordinary office chair and changed to the Backapp Smart chair and the Backapp 360 balance board. They were instructed in how to use the products. They answered a questionnaire at the start of the field trial and after 6 weeks. Data collection, statistics and reporting were done by an independent third party – Force Technology AS

354 office workers from 8 well known companies tested the Backapp products for 6 weeks

  • Before the trial  146 participants had lower back pains.  After the trial  43 of them said they were healed!
  • Before the trial 241 office workers had pains in the neck and shoulder. After the trial 106 said they were healed!
  • Before the trial 125 employees complained of headaches. After the trial 57 said they were healed!
  • Before the trial 73 participants experienced pain in the arms and hands. After the trial 57 said they were healed!
  • Before the trial 101 were tired at the end of a normal working day. After the trial 40 said they were not tired anymore!
The report can be downloaded from: https://backapp.eu/en/effects/354-office-workers/

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