Helmut Hund GmbH

The TM-F family of dust detectors. Industrial measurement and monitoring of dust emissions

The TM-F product family is designed for industrial dust monitoring of production processes,
ventilation systems, filter plants and mining. The proven and reliable monitors are used for
monitoring of respirable dust concentrations. The devices are compact and robust, easy to
operate and its maintenance requirements are extremely low.

Due to its high sensitivity the TM-F devices are well suited for the measurement of residual
concentrations behind filter systems, as highly sensitive smoke sensor or to measure
the concentration of dust in processed air.
The signal outputs can be easily connected to its industrial environment. The TM-F Ex
is the intrinsically safe version with analog outputs that can even be employed in mines
and in hazardous environments. The TM-F COM is a version that comes with digital
outputs that can be easily be connected through GSM or Ethernet to Hund web-based
services. Its output data can be monitored and stored by every device connected to the

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