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The world's first: safe-Air 21V4 Tri-Komplex

More than personal protection – a feeling!

VMP Auxilium Group, Germany (October 07, 2021) – VMP Auxilium Group is now introducing a new type of FFP2 masks with a so-called "Tri-Komplex formula" as a new player in the field of personal protective equipment (PPE).

One of the most important problems in the field of personal protective equipment is the wearing comfort, which is often perceived as poor. This was also confirmed by a corresponding market survey. In this survey, more than 40% of the people stated that a higher wearing comfort would be an improvement. With a monthly demand of several million FFP2 masks in Germany alone, we have taken this demand as an opportunity and increased the wearing comfort in an unprecedented way within the framework of an innovation of our masks.

The new safe-Air mask was developed by the VMP Auxilium Group on the basis of a user study that lasted several months.
This respirator is especially suitable for occupational safety and medical applications. It protects the user's skin using a new type of tri-complex, which is combined with the inner material of the mask in a special process

The user study conducted in parallel with the certification, with more than 2,000 participants, has already confirmed the extraordinary effect of this innovative mask type. By using our Tri-Complex active ingredients, the following benefits can be achieved:

  • Strengthens the immune system,
  • Achieves a detoxifying effect,
  • Cares for the skin and reduces skin irritation,
  • Supporting effect on enzymes in the body to contribute to cell health
In order to noticeably increase the wearing comfort even of the popular models with ear straps, a care active ingredient contained in nano particles was additionally integrated into the straps. This considerably reduces the "noticeable presence" of the ear bands when the mask is worn.

This innovation in the field of personal protective equipment marks a completely new generation of protective masks that goes far beyond the usual protective properties of the past.

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