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VIRU-fil FFP2 mask - The virucidal world novelty

VMP Aux. Group, Germany (October 12, 2021) - The VMP Auxilium Group introduces as a new size in the field of personal protective equipment (PPE) after the novel FFP2 mask with "tri complex formula" another novelty, the so-called virucidal FFP2 mask.

An important handling problem with common respiratory protection masks is their fitting and removal or their adjustment by the wearer. Many people instinctively grasp the outer layer (the side that usually carries the stamp). This problem is exacerbated if a mask is used more than once - even in spite of the "NR" (not reusable) marking. Viruses that have landed on the outer layer of the mask, for example through inhalation by the wearer or through direct transport by saliva, for example when the other person speaks, can still be transmitted to people from there. An example of this is unconscious contact with the outer layer by hand, combined with subsequent rubbing of the eye (smear infection) .

The VMP Auxilium Group has taken this problem as an opportunity and, as part of an innovation, has reduced the existing risk of unconscious transmission to a large extent by using the mask body. To do this, we draw on our expertise in the development and manufacture of new innovative nonwoven materials, which are then used in our masks. Both the development and manufacture of our nonwovens are carried out in Germany.

Our virucidal FFP2 mask of the type safe-Air 21V5 VIRU-fil has five layers, whereby the outer layer consists of a special fleece. This fleece is combined with special materials in a special process. When enveloped viruses land on the outer layer of the mask in the manner described above, they are for the most part immediately rendered harmless. This is done by destroying the outer shell of the viruses, the lipid layer

The safe-Air 21V5 is particularly suitable for occupational safety and medical applications where an increased viral load is prevalent. It offers extensive protection against unintentional smear infections involving the mask body, covering a transmission range that has been largely ignored until now. Thus, the virucidal FFP2 mask has protective mechanisms that go far beyond the usual protective properties of FFP2 masks

VMP Auxilium Group wants to redefine personal protective equipment and stands for experience, passion and commitment in this industry.

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