Vagotex invests in sustainability

Vagotex Windtex is a company specialized in the bonding and processing of technical fabrics for sportswear and footwear.

The company meets the needs of its customers by providing laminations using various kinds of fabric, including orthogonal or three-dimensional fabric, deriving from totally or partially recycled GRS (Global Recycle Standard) certified polyester or polyamide.

All these fabrics can be laminated, bonded, resin-coated and coated with biodegradable polyester-based thermo-adhesive resins or other polymers deriving from natural sources.

The specialty of Vagotex Windtex is the lamination of membranes to make these complexes waterproof and thus creating technical and functional fabrics.

Using membranes of different thicknesses both polyester based made from at least 75% industrial waste of polyester film or polyamide based for a component of at least 45% of polymers of biological origin obtained from the use of castor seeds.

Recently Vagotex Windtex has obtained the GRS certification for ten products used for clothes, demonstrating that the commitment to environmental sustainability is increasing.

In the short term the company aims to reach ISO 14000 certification, the legislation that regulates the environmental management system.

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