Load Securing: Saves not only the Load

Much too often, loads get lost on streets and cause serious accidents. This could easily be prevented – with the right load securing. There is enough information and practical guides at hand – but many drivers and shippers are not aware of their responsibility. They find excuses like "It will hold" or "I do not have the time". The general opinion still is: A heavy load is sufficiently secured by its own weight.

To eliminate such errors and to provide you with important information and tips on proper cargo securing, we have compiled some links below – including a video with practical demonstration, manuals, teaching units and an online game where you can practice the proper load securing yourself!

Video: Incorrect load securing - what can happen
Focal point load securing: This video describes the fatal consequences of a neglected or omitted load securing. A load should always be secured with e. g. anti-slip mats, lashing, lashing chains, straps, storage pads, etc.
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Download: Cargo Securing Information System
The smooth delivery of goods is one of the essential pillars in today's economy. During the transport of dangerous goods, the protection of human health and environment is essential. The Federal Institute for Material Research and Testing (BAM) has published the manual "Cargo Securing Information System" on their website. On the page, you will also find links to legal bases, guidelines and standards.
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Download: Practical Guide "Load and Secure"
The Federal Association of Road Haulage, Logistics and Disposal has published the practical manual "Load and Save" – it is meant to serve as a standard reference for practical action on site for shippers as well as the haulage sector and police. The manual is also suitable for training and education. It differentiates between "preparatory" persons (vehicle owners, shippers, shipping managers, tour planners) and "executing" persons (loading personnel, drivers). Illustrated with graphics and images, it covers the topics load securing and transport logistics, accountability and liability, physical principles, loading and stowage, methods and tools for securing loads, the appropriate vehicle as well as rules for securing the load. In addition, it contains exercises with solutions for self-monitoring.
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Online Manual: the GDV Cargo Securing Manual
Lack of load securing is often the reason for charges getting lost on the road and causing accidents. But still many drivers and shippers are not aware of their own responsibility, and they find excuses like "It will hold" or "I do not have the time". The general view on this matter still is: a heavy load is sufficiently secured solely by its own weight. The "Cargo Securing Manual" wants to dispel such misapprehensions. On a scientific basis and taking into account the relevant standards, the manual comprehensively presents the physical principles. The book gives examples why a certain load securing is performed incorrectly or not quite right, and it also gives improvement proposals for each case. The Cargo Securing Manual was created by transportation insurers federated in the German Insurance Association (GDV).
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Campagne: LadeGUT ("LoadWell") – safe and sound
In a joint operation, accident insurers, trade associations and the German Road Safety Council (DVR) attend to the issue load securing. On the campaign website you will find info and files for download, including the campaign brochure, videos, leporello folds, teaching units and guidelines. The topics include: "securing cargo in the transporter", "securing cargo in passenger cars" and "transportation of persons". Posters and postcards complete the offer. And if you think you already know everything about cargo securing – face up to the online multiple-choice test!
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Video: How to secure your load
How do you secure your load? How do you secure the cargo against slipping? What lashings should you use? This video gives the answers. Saying "Each load can be adequately secured", the video practically shows how to strain lashings evenly and symmetrically. It also shows other securing methods and reminds you to choose and adapt the securing method and equipment depending on the charge. The effectiveness can be increased additionally by combining multiple methods.
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Online Game: No Risk! Game for securing loads
On their website, the German Road Safety Council provide an online game where you can practice the safe loading of vehicles. In nine levels you need to store multiple objects on the car's loading area and choose the securing method. A click on "play" will start the journey: The right arrow key accelerates the vehicle, the left one brakes. If you arrive without causing major damage, you will proceed to the next level. Load the cars as good as possible and bring the three different types of vehicles to the finish line!
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