Operational Integration Management

Employees who suffer from a long-term or chronic disease are facing serious problems in their jobs. In Germany, several hundreds of thousands employees have to retire from their jobs for a long time or permanently. When you were sick for a long time, you need support in getting back into the job.

Since May 1, 2004, employers are obliged to conduct “Operational Integration Management” concerning all employees who were – due to illness – unable to work for more than six weeks. Moreover, the integration management can be legally enforced by the disabled persons and their representatives.

We have collected several links and downloads with further information, links and downloads concerning Operational Integration Management, e.g. practical guidelines how to arrange and conduct an Operational Integration Management.

Download Brochure: "Step by Step back into the Job "
Since May 1, 2004, employers are obliged to conduct “Operational Integration Management” (OIM) concerning all employees who were – due to illness – unable to work for more than six weeks. OIM is supposed to maintain employability and is an instrument to meet the challenges of demographic change. At the same time, OIM secures the individual chance to keep his or her job. The German Federal Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs (BMAS) tell you what you need to know about it in their brochure "Step by Step back into the Job". The brochure is available as PDF download on the BMAS website.
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Online-Overview: Import Basics of Operational Integration Management (OIM)
The goals of the OIM: the rights of the employees, privacy protection – do you know all about it? Ergo Online provides a valuable overview which explains for example that the OIM is mandatory by law and therefore binding for the employer. This obligation is valid for all companies, independent of size – the participation of the employees is voluntary, though. The precondition for an OIM is that an employee was – due to illness – unable to work for more than six weeks within a given year. You can read more about it on the Ergo Online website, above that provides links to further information, laws, current jurisdiction and downloads of brochures and guidelines.
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Download Brochure: Practical Guideline for an Operational Integration Management
The Operational Integration Management (OIM) is an important instrument in order to keep people with long-term or frequent diseases in their jobs and in the company. Employers are obliged to conduct an OIM in co-operation with work councils and other representatives of the employees. The goal of the measures should be to prevent an inability to work and to preserve the jobs. A practical guideline by the Hans Böckler Foundation supports the employee's interest groups in establishing an Operational Integration Management in a company. The first aim should be a written operating agreement. The guideline gives an overview concerning legal basics, sample agreements and a step-by-step instruction how to conduct an OIM. The goal of the trade unions is that all employees will benefit from the OIM within a comprising framework of prevention and health management set up in the company.
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Downloads: Practical Guidelines for Work Councils and Board of Directors
On their website, the Hans Böckler Foundation provide numerous downloads dealing with Operational Integration Management – for example, basics like an introduction to the issue and Frequently Asked Questions. Further topics are the scope of actions of the work council, central issues and checklists for establishing an OIM, case studies, brochures for the practical proceedings in the company, extra literature, and a link list.
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Introduction and Downloads: Operational Integration Management
Part of the work of the "Management Consultancy for Operational Health Management" ist also the OIM. On their website "gesundheitsmanagement24.de", you will find comprising information, videos, links as well as a practical guideline for Operational Integration Management. You will learn more about occupational strain as a cause for long-term diseases, privacy data protection, and guidelines for carrying through an OIM. PDF downloads will provide you with a generic inquiry form and a checklist for the assessment. A diagram shows the "10 Steps in OIM – a practical guideline".
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