Working abroad – What should I keep in mind?

As part of globalisation, many German companies are expanding abroad and send employees to work there. What’s the local situation regarding occupational health and safety? Companies in particular need to keep in mind what is required with regards to occupational medicine and safety supervision – before, during and after the stay abroad.

This plays a particular role when considering local outbreaks or risks such as Malaria are present. It’s also important to know which social system applies to employees abroad, how it applies and how medical assistance can be provided in the case of occupational accidents or illnesses.

We have put together the following information for you covering these topics.

Online article: Worldwide Occupational Safety
Thanks to globalisation, international occupational safety is becoming ever more important. Helmut Ehnes, prevention leader at the Association for Raw Materials and Chemical Industry (BG RCI), is currently demanding a global prevention culture with cross-border safety standards. You can find more about this topic in an online article provided by the German Accident Insurance company DGUV.
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Brochure Download: State Accident Insurance during Work Abroad
In preparing to work abroad, it is particularly important for companies to consider the following: What do I need to consider in order to ensure medical care and safety supervision for employees? Which social security system applies to employees working abroad? Who is responsible for their care in accidents and emergencies? The "State Accident Insurance during Work Abroad" factsheet offers companies helpful advice and more insight.
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Flyer Download: Well Advised Abroad
Europe is growing closer together. SMEs in border regions are particularly benefitting from this development between neighbouring countries. But what is the situation with occupational safety abroad? How are your employees insured against accidents? You can find more information in the flyer “Well Advised Abroad – Accident Insurance and Occupational Safety for International Companies”.
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Online Article: Employee Health Abroad
The typical illnesses during work abroad are usually caused by unsatisfactory protective measures. Many companies ignore occupational medicals, vaccinations and prophylaxes. Suitable supervision of employees abroad starts however with adequate occupational medicine supervision at home.
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Checklist Download: Work Abroad
A checklist made by the Administrative Professions Organisation, VGB, helps you to plan aspects of health and safety of your employees during longer stays abroad. The checklist highlights topics such as climate issues and dangers of infection, as well as organisational aspects such as occupational safety regulations abroad, emergency procedure and insurance measures.
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Video 1: Occupational medical check-up procedure
A patient example shows an example of the occupational medical check-up procedure. Further tips for a safe trip abroad are also provided.
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Video 2: Planning and organising assignments abroad
A personnel officer of a worldwide company explains how to plan and organise assignments abroad, from the first expressions of interest, right up to concrete assignment planning.
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Video 3: Insurance Abroad
Important questions e.g. regarding insurance abroad, insured tasks and procedure in the case of an accident, are answered here. Further VBG services are also presented.
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Verdict: Insurance cover abroad requires inland engagement!
The Hessian Higher Social Court has ruled (LSG Hessen, 20.9.2011 - Paragraph: L 3 U 170/07): A state insurance does not exist during an assignment abroad if the employee is employed for a foreign assignment and then does not continue to work for the same employer inland. An accident abroad is then no longer considered an occupational accident. This also applies for voluntary work.
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