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Emotions and strong images


290 film and multimedia applications from 33 countries were submitted to the International Media Festival for Prevention 2014. Six films and three multimedia applications received the coveted International Media Award for Prevention. The online resource portal provides a good overview of current media on prevention from all over the world.
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Risk of accidents at work continues to fall


The risk of suffering an accident at work fell last year to a new record low. This can be seen from the financial results of the German Social Accident Insurance Institutions. The results show that the accident risk fell to 22.5 reportable occupational accidents per 1,000 equivalent full workers.
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Working abroad – What should I keep in mind?


What’s the local situation regarding occupational health and safety? Companies in particular need to keep in mind what is required with regards to occupational medicine and safety supervision – before, during and after the stay abroad.
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Load Securing: Saves not only the Load


Much too often, loads get lost on streets and cause serious accidents. This could easily be prevented – with the right load securing. There is enough information and practical guides at hand – but many drivers and shippers are not aware of their responsibility.
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Working in Heat and Solar Radiation


On hot summer days, the air temperature at the workplace can quickly rise to unhealthy values – outdoors as well as indoors. The employees are suffering: Declining performance, fatigue and cardiovascular stresses are the result. The employer has some legal responsibilities in this respect, but also the employees can do a lot to relieve the heat and its effects.
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Operational Integration Management


Employees who suffer from a long-term or chronic disease are facing serious problems in their jobs. When you were sick for a long time, you need support in getting back into the job. Since May 1, 2004, employers are obliged to conduct “Operational Integration Management” concerning all employees who were – due to illness – unable to work for more than six weeks.
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Violence and Robbery at Work - Prevention and Aftercare


"Violence" is a complex, ambiguous term. For labour protection, the definition of the International Labour Organization suits well: Violence in the workplace is "any action, incident or deviant behaviour which heavily insults, threatens, offends or injures a person during work or in direct consequence of their work."
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International Noise Awareness Day


On April, 30th, the "International Noise Awareness Day" is celebrated. This year, the focus of the event is on the increasing daily noise we are exposed to in our environment. Also the "noise environment of children" will play a big role this year.
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Workplace Bullying


The numbers are alarming: Every third person is bullied at their workplace – women more frequently than men. The consequences are severe: The victims suffer from depression and sometimes even think about committing suicide.
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Health Days in the Company

For an entrepreneur, his employees are his most important resource. When employees are healthy and feel well, they are more satisfied and more efficient. As a supervisor, you should do everything you can to promote the health of your employees. Health Days are an ideal instrument for this.
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