6 Summer Workplace Hazards

Hazards related to heat exposure aren't just because of the sun.
OSHA is reminding employers to address workplace hazards that lead to a higher
instance of injuries and fatalities during summer months.

The agency provides practical advice on how an organization can integrate
procedures into their safety and health programs.

"OSHA encourages employers to develop safety and health programs, hold safety
stand-downs and toolbox talks, and conduct daily safety meetings to discuss
common hazards," said OSHA Regional Administrator Kimberly Stille in Kansas
City, Mo. "Employers are required to provide workplace safety training to
improve employees' ability to identify, evaluate, and effectively prevent
safety and health hazards on the job."

Risks in agricultural operations have been at their highest in Iowa, Kansas,
Missouri, and Nebraska in July, August, and September in the past three years,
according to the agency.

View the slideshow to learn six hazards that peak during summer months.


AplusA-online.de - Source: European Health and Safety (EHS Today)