Effective Workplace Inspections

Hazards can exist under desks, on the plant floor, in the air and pretty much any
place people work. Inspecting the workplace regularly for hazards is an essential part
of a health and safety program. Inspections help to prevent injuries and illnesses by
identifying and eliminating actual and potential hazards.

Workplace inspections are a pro-active approach in preventing incidents, injuries
and illness in the workplace. Everyone has a role to play in keeping workplaces
safe and healthy under the internal responsibility system. Workers have a duty to
report any health and safety concern to their employer. Employers and supervisors
have a duty to address those concerns. Whether they are informal or scheduled work-
place inspections not only help ensure compliance with the occupational health
and safety acts and regulations, but they also ensure a more effective audit of
the internal responsibility system and its occupational health and hafety Management

There's more to a workplace inspection than just looking around. It involves listening
to people's concerns, fully understanding jobs and tasks, identifying existing and
potential hazards, determining the underlying causes of these hazards, recommending
corrective actions, reviewing the progress of the recommendations, monitoring
controls for their effectiveness to eliminate hazards. Regular, thorough, workplace
inspections by a trained inspection team can help keep workers healthy and safe.

Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety

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