ILO Convention on Violence and Harassment

For the first time violence and harassment in the world of work are covered
in new international labour standards, adopted at the Centenary International Labour
Conference and now open for ratification by International Labour Organisation
(ILO) member States.

Together with the Recommendation (No. 206), the Convention No. 190 provides a
clear framework for action and an opportunity to shape a future of work based
on dignity and respect, free from violence and harassment. The right of everyone
to a world of work free from violence and harassment has never before been
clearly articulated in an international treaty. It also recognizes that such
behaviours can constitute a human rights violation or abuse.

The International Labour Organisation hereby takes a pragmatic approach,
defining violence and harassment as "a range of unacceptable behaviours and
practices” that "aim at, result in, or are likely to result in physical,
psychological, sexual or economic harm”. This potentially covers physical
abuse, verbal abuse, bullying and mobbing, sexual harassment, threats and
stalking, among other things. The Convention also takes account of the fact
that nowadays work does not always take place at a physical workplace; so, for
example, it covers work-related communications, including those enabled by ICT.

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