Safer and healthier work at any age

Europe's ageing population raises many challenges for policymakers in relation to
employment, working conditions, living standards and welfare. It has led to concerns
over the sustainability of pension systems and the supply of labour. Promoting employment
opportunities for an ageing workforce requires new thinking at company, national and
EU level.

A new data visualisation tool highlights the key findings of a project carried out by
EU-OSHA at the request of the European Parliament, aimed at understanding occupational
safety and health (OSH) in the context of an ageing EU workforce. It provides an
accessible visual presentation of data on demographics, employment, working conditions,
and health in the context of an ageing workforce, and of OSH and related policies
addressing the challenges.

The tool is interactive and users can:
- find out more about the challenges of an ageing European workforce
- check out the existing policies, strategies and programmes of different EU Member States
- examine the demographic and socio-economic diversity, as well as the differences
in health and social systems, among four European ‘country groups', and the relevance
of this to policy development
- use ‘country profiles' to compare age-related OSH and rehabilitation strategies in
their country with the EU as a whole and with other European countries.

European Agency for Safety and Health at Work

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