Workplace health promotion and well-being

Health promotion in the workplace complements occupational safety and health
measures as part of the combined efforts of employers, workers and national
authorities to improve the health and well-being of men and women at work.
Health promotion and well-being at work programmes focus on the promotion of
health among all workers and their families through preventive and assistance
programmes in the areas of workplace stress, violence at work drug and alcohol
abuse and the promotion of tobacco-free workplaces.

In all these areas, the International Labour Organisation (ILO) supports with
its experience of using the social dialogue approach, which resulted in the
implementation of successful workplace and community initiatives. Important to
recognize is the involvement of employers, workers, governments, public services
and NGOs, addressing these problems. Time spent in developing partnerships to
improve workplace health and well-being is an investment in the most important
asset of any enterprise or organization, its workers. It is also an investment
in the social context within which a company or organization operates, and
therefore in its future and the future of the community and the country as a

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