Non-integrated working platforms on forklifts - guidance

In many workplaces people need temporary access to work at height, particularly
for maintenance activities. Working at height is a high-risk activity and the
planning, selection and use of a safe means of access and working area is

There is a variety of equipment available for work at height, including
scaffolding, tower scaffolds, mobile elevating working platforms (MEWPs),
staircases, platforms, and portable ladders. The selection and use of an
appropriate and suitable method of access will depend on the nature of the task
to be carried out, the frequency of occurrence, the duration of the work and
the availability of equipment.

Forklift trucks usually lift only materials but they can be used with working
platforms to allow people to work at height. It is generally accepted that, in
conjunction with a forklift truck, an integrated working platform provides a
higher level of safety than a non-integrated type. Nevertheless, a
non-integrated working platform may be used when it provides a safer means of
access than, for example, improvised stairs or platforms or a ladder that would
otherwise be used and it is impracticable to use an integrated working platform.

The British Health & Safety Executive (HSE) has published a brochure on Working
platforms (non-integrated) on forklift trucks which contains guidance that is
not compulsory, allowing you freedom to take other action, but if you follow
the guidance you will normally be doing enough to comply with the law.

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