OSHA Annual report 2007

As a key player in the implementation of the new Community Strategy for Health
and Safety at Work (2007-2012), EU-OSHAs annual report provides a concise
overview of its activities in 2007. Highlights of the year include the
extension of its European and global networks, the Lighten the load campaign
and the Healthy Workplace Initiative, as well as research into new and emerging
workplace risks.

The report focuses on bringing safety and health closer to European workers.

2008 will see a new approach to campaigning, with a move to a two-year cycle,
starting with the Risk Assessment campaign (2008-2009). By extending the
European campaign to run over a two-year period, we allow more time for preparation and follow-up, and to
develop partnerships with EU-level stakeholders and other potential campaign

In 2008, EU-OSHA will continue to work on developing methodologies for
forecasting new and emerging risks, helping to make forecasting more systematic. The results of two
major projects on carcinogens and occupational cancer are due to be published
in 2008, as is the last in the series of four flagship reports on new and
emerging risks, focusing on chemical risks.

Work will be carried out on OSH issues in the road transport sector, and the
EU-OSHA will prepare OSH and Economic Performance: A Report on Economic
Incentives, which is due to be published in 2009. This report will look at
incentives that can be offered, through lower accident insurance premiums or
tax rates, better banking conditions such as lower interest rates, or state
subsidies, to encourage good OSH performance.

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