OSH Advice about Stress and Fatigue

New Zealand OSH released a new guide about stress and fatigue. It is designed
for those who advise employers.The publication aims to help employers and
employees to:

- implement healthy work (sections 1, 4 and 5);

- identify stressors that are potential workplace hazards (sections 1 and 7);

- identify simple processes for telling when 'stress' may be present, identify
corresponding stressors and implement control measures;
respond to a report of stress in the workplace (section 2);

- categorise work so that employer responsibilities for foreseeing hazards of
stress and fatigue are clear (section 3);

- create a Healthy Work programme - to identify causes of stress in the workplace
and develop control measures for them (Section 4 and 5);

- assess the ability of employees who may be impaired to continue working safely
(Section 6).

Using the processes and tools in this guide, (or achieving the same standard by
other means), can help ensure that an employer manages issues of stress and
fatigue and develops a healthy and safe workplace.

Further information

AplusA-online.de - Source: European Agency for Safety and Health at Work