Office Ergonomics

Confused about the difference between all those "ergonomic" keyboards?
Wondering if your co-worker was serious when she said there's really a
foot-operated mouse? In a continuing quest to make computing more comfortable
and healthy, companies have come up with an incredible variety of unexpected
products and accessories. The website Office Ergonomics has put together a
comprehensive guide to help you understand what's available for each area of
your workstation. From wrist rests to glare screens, from footrests to
foot-operated mice, from one-handed keyboards to ergonomic chairs, see our
rundown of the products available for your:

  • Keyboard/Keyboard Tray
  • Mouse/Trackball
  • Monitor/Glare Screen
  • Chair and Footrest
  • Document Holders
  • Phone
  • Desk
  • Lighting

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