Online learning programme for young people

The British Training Foundation has announced its initiative, Ready for Work, a
national online learning programme for young people entering the workplace,
which is free to all in full-time education or who recently finished it, and
those in modern apprenticeships.

The award winning Foundation says it focuses on building awareness of
employment issues, subjects covered include managing workplace stress and
health & safety among others.

Ready for Work has been designed for young people starting out and can help
make a successful transition from education into employment.

Courses on the website include:

  • Ready to learn
  • Thriving in diversity
  • Showing respect at work
  • Be enterprising!
  • Managing stress at work
  • Health and safety in the office
  • Making email work for you
  • Working with the internet
  • Data protection at work
  • Drugs and alcohol at work
  • Be a responsible employee
  • Me and my career

Further Information

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