The brand new OptimAir Series is the true next generation of Power Assisted Filtering Devices, designed to protect users against hazardous particles, gases and vapours. High performance, yet still compact and flexible, OptimAir is the most advanced and comprehensively designed system.

OptimAir is driven by a powerful, ultra low profile blower, which draws the air through the filters to the user’s face, supplying a constant flow of clean, contaminant free air. With a choice of face pieces to select, e.g. full face masks, hoods, etc., these components are automatically recognised and the system is ready for use instantly.

OptimAir indeed is a High-Tec system with an outstandingly long service life. The electronic airflow control is based on a patented design. An evolutionary self diagnostic microprocessor management system operates continuously from start up to shut down. The unambiguous display shows battery status and visible warnings in real-time.
Another High-Tec feature is the use of the TabTec® technology, a unique compact filter system for easy handling and minimisation of cost-of-ownership.

OptimAir is also well protected, against dust and water [IP 54], including use in decontamination showers without extra accessories. Its robust construction permits usage in different applications, like asbestos abatement, HazMat cleanup, landfills, power plants, chemical industries, handcraft and agriculture.

OptimAir is a truly versatile unit, designed to be used in various configurations, allowing the user to adapt it to his exact needs. You have the choice between:
- 130 l/min, 160 l/min and Ex versions. The ATEX version will work without requiring any additional components
- 4h, 8h and extended life Ex NiMH batteries
- head tops including full face masks, hoods, helmet-hood combinations and visors