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Steps to success
The theoretical part of the training is conclu-
ded by a test, a prerequisite for permission
to do the practical training.

The practical training is divided into two steps:
Firstly the method is practised under volta-ge-free conditions and then under live conditions. Thereby the preparation, training of the specific LW procedures and the safely
requirements of the work are very important. In the examination part, complete control of the work procedures under live conditions is put to the test.We offer Live Working services suited to all users in energy supply companies, industry and trade, such as:
•Executive management
•Electromechanical instructors

Our services include:
Company consultation
•Executive management training
•Instructor training
•Support in introduction and implementation of working procedures
•Initial and revision training
•Support in the choice and acquisition of the
necessary equipment
•Revision tests of Live Working equipment

The instruction topics are in agreement with the Association of Precision and Electrical
Engineering (BGFE) and the qualifying certificate is internationally recognised.