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Our Technologies - Focused Range

Our Technologies

Focused Range

This continued understanding of your requirements has enabled us to develop a focused range of gloves in three families that includes just over 10 products, all utilizing various ATG® technology platforms. This targeted range will enable you to find a glove for 90% of the jobs you do if you are in the metal fabrication, automotive, general assembly and petro-chemicals sectors. We call this our "proRange™".

Less gloves also enables your workforce to easily understand which product they need. Simplicity in itself will increase compliance to your hand management program and this in turn will lower the risk of accidents occurring in your facility.

The "proRange™" family consists of:

MaxiFlex® for precision handling in dry environments.
MaxiDry® for controlled performance in wet and oily environments.
MaxiCut® for assured protection when the going gets tough.
Today these three product families use eight technology platforms either individually or collectively to provide the appropriate level of performance you need. We also offer the largest range of sizes available in the industry to ensure that you get the closest fitting gloves - maximizing dexterity and flexibility.